U-PIK-EM Bingo Paper


This is a bingo game where luck takes a back seat to fortune telling. With U-PIK-EM, your players pick their lucky numbers instead of the random selection of numbers they get with each pre-printed face.

U-PIK-EM cards are made in a 2 part set and each part of the set has matching card numbers. Part 1 is used for playing, while Part 2 is used to verify winners and is collected by the attendants before the game begins.

When players pick the same number each week, they perceive the game as a lottery and always play their "lucky" numbers.


  • U-PIK-EM offers 5 games to choose from
  • Consecutive audit numbers for better control
  • Cards are only valid on the issue date
  • Cards are void if altered or unclear


  Available U-Pick-em cards Part No.
1 U-PIK-EM (1 free space) 6011006
2 U-PIK-EM (2 free space) 6012006
3 U-PIK-EM (25 free space) 6013006
4 Lucky Seven Bingo, 3 ON 6038005
5 Select 7, 3 ON (no free space) 6121015