The Ever–Popular BONUS LINE Bingo Paper Just Got Better!!

Bonus Line now comes in a size which allows it to be collated along with regular CHAMPION paper!

Add more excitement to your game by including BONUS LINE!

This 6V2 cut paper features 3 random numbers from 1-75 as “Bonus Numbers” across the top of the page.

Play your regular pattern game or coverall (black out). If a player covers all three bonus numbers in the first three balls called in the ordered called, pay that player a specific amount - $400, $500 or a $1,000 based on the your rules.



Reduce the prize by half if covered by three numbers called in any order, in four numbers, or pay a small consolation prize if covered in more than four numbers.


Approximate Odds:

With a $1,000 jackpot, players will win $166 for every 10,000 bonus sheets sold, regardless of the order of the first three numbers called.



  • Consecutive audit numbers for better control
  • Recommended cuts are 6V2 and 18H6
  • Actual face size is now 4” W x 4” H



Available Series Master Sheet
1-9,000 36S6
9,001-18,000 36S6